[Mini Album] B1A4 – 2nd Mini Album

My Rating: 8.5/10

Title: 2nd Mini Album
Artist: B1A4
Release: 2011.09.16
Conductor: WM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 28 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps


01. Beautiful Target
02. My Love
03. 쮸쮸쮸 (Chu Chu Chu)
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Fooool
06. Beautiful Target (Instrument)

so happy to find their new release. I am in love with their debut mini album though I don’t post it here. I am so obsessed with the song “Only Learned Bad Things” . And now come this mini album with new candys on it 😀 .

~:: Beautiful Target : I dont need to explain how I love this catchy super hilarious song. Everything are just cute. LOL. This is such a powerful cute summer song. CNU and Baro really do a great rap, love the way they done their rapping part. I need to tell you that I’m in love with Sandeul’s voice since the first time, so it’s like in heaven when I hear the chorus, ommona.. Sandeul’s voice is my new favorite in this 2011.

~:: My Love : it started in a good way, from the title I thought it would be ballad but I am totally wrong. It’s an upbeat song with a pop sense on it.

~:: Chu Chu Chu : what a relaxed song. My brain goes to F(X) – Chu Chu Chu when I read the title and I expect it would be cute or catchy song but I am totally wrong again. 😀 They sound so much gentle here, It’s not a mellow ballad but this song is quite slow, enjoyable, what so called pop-jazz , I think they sound a bit jazz. It’s so different compare with another song . I love the chorus so much and I can’t stop playing it.

~:: Wonderful Tonight : Back to their upbeat catchy song again. This song is type of pop. The more I listen to this, the more I heard it like Big Bang’s song. lol!

~:: Foool : nothing much different with another catchy song but this one is not so hyper as Beautiful Target. The rap is interesting.

credit: puchicatos.wordpress.com

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