[MV] Rania – Dr. Feel Good (korean version)

My Rating: 10/10

I’m such a pervert when I’m watching this 😀 go girls!


Title: Dr Feel Good (korean version)
Artist: Rania
Album: Dr Feel Good [mini album]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size:  39  MB
Download: Mediafire

I think I am already too late for posting them here. I was inactive in my blog when they made debut, though I like their song, I decided to not posting this song because it’s already late 😀 and will post something related to them when they release a new stuff . But my friend told me to post something about this song in my blog, so I change my mind.

I feel like a pervert when I am watching this music video :D. The coreography is perfect, pretty match to the song. The girls are truely talented, they sing in a good way and still have a hyper dance. Though the dance step is scandalous due to the sensual gesture but they did it very well 😀 *what a pervert*

This song must be so Lady Gaga for the lyric but the girls play it a bit save, they dont expose too much like Gaga did. I think there were some crotch close-up in the first release of this MV, but it were removed then, the media play it save. Must be so danger to let them show it too often 😀 My friend who is a male said,”whoa nice.. they’re so yummy” . hahaha it’s okay, it’s humanity. Thankz God, they dont bring such male dancers for them to do this. Because I watch a performance when they bring some female dancers together and I can see the different, I think they change the dance a bit, the dancers looked like wanna grab Rania girls body, moving their hand down through neck then down n down .. -,- yeah I won’t describe it more.

I dont think they’re slutty, they’re cool. Good vocal and powerful dance. All girls are talented. I think they are also be able to be like Kara, SNSD or Sistar if they’re debuted in cute style, but just because of they’re debuted in the sexy hot way , that doesn’t mean people can judge them like that. It’s just because people in Kpop are not used to some expose-thing. Just imagine how many music video or songs are recently banned through to the suggestive lyric or scandalous music video or blah blah blah …. Kpop just want to play it save. The girls are just the same like other kpop group but they have their own on them. Even they have more talent than the other curent hot group I think. Rania is cool! the hottest rookie for this year. Even the only rookie that catch my attention a lot.

credit: kpop7

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