[Mini Album] Rania – Dr Feel Good

My Rating: 10/10
hot and hot ! >.<


Title: Dr Feel Good
Artist: Rania
Release: 2011.04.06
Conductor: DR Music
Language: Korean, English
Total Size: 40 MB
Bitrate: 360 kbps

01 DR FEEL GOOD (English ver.)
02 DR FEEL GOOD (Korean ver.)
03 MASQUERADE (English ver.)
04 DR FEEL GOOD (Instrument)
05 MASQUERADE (Instrument)

.:Download full-mini album:.

Rania is a new female group that debuted with this mini album. Consist of 7 girls, they are Semi, Jooyi, Joy, Riko, Di, T-ae and Xia. They were consulted with the media due to their hot concept for their debut single “Dr Feel Good”. People said it’s too hot for them, or is it just too hot for Kpop?

.:DR FEEL GOOD (english version) –> this is truely a good song. This song must has a rated message a bit. They’re just like… calling somebody to do something for them, and it’ll make them feel good. They mention somebody as “Doctor”, yeah.. as we know, doctor is a person who can heal us when we’re sick. But these girls are talking about something different.  Though it’s too much about desire or .. something what we call like ‘sex’ , some people praised them as a good rookie, even they have a good english accent. I listened to this song in radio for the first time, and I thought it’s not a Kpop song, they sound very well.  To tell the truth, I admit that I am addicted to this song a lot. The instrument just reminds me to Gaga’s Just Dance and I feel like this is the best song when I feel distress 😀 . It flows well. Repetitive in a big time but it doesn’t matter, member Jooyi made a nice powerful adlib in the back, at least it save the song from being boring. Jooyi is actually a new rising vocalist in Kpop stage, she has style like Christina Aguilera or Beyonce when it come to singing.

.:DR FEEL GOOD (korean version) –> the different is the language. Though they created a new lyric for this song, the message is just the same. But they sound better in the english version or is it really them?? They sound so much different. I can notice Xia’s voice in the korean version when she started the song but for the english version, she sound so different until I almost can’t believe that it’s her or is it edited? I heard their voice is a bit bold in the english. I think Jooyi dominated the english version because of her good voice and accent. In the korean version I can notice some cute voice, not cute.. but I mean.. a bit sweet while the english version is more powerful.

.:MASQUERADE (English version) –> I thought I won’t love this song when I heard it and compare with the previous song, this is just decent. But it grows well as time passed. And again they sound very well in english. These girls truely amazing. That’s why Teddy Riley (the musician who produced their debut single Dr Feel Good) praised them a lot, Teddy loves Rania but too bad, he dislike Rania’s agency because of Teddy’s name being used to make Rania becoming hits. He also added, how he wish Rania to move into another agency, because a good talent will be wasted with the bad agency. Anyway, why’s I talk about this rumour too much? -,-” I should talk about Masquerade, right? Ok . Just skip it!!

credit: Kpop7

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