[CF] DBSK and Kim Hye Su – Why Missha

My Rating: 9/10
gorgeous lady with handsome boys 🙂

Title: Why Missha
Artist: DBSK (Yunho & Changmin), Kim Hye Su
File Type: MP4
Duration: 20 seconds
Quality: HD

Download :

Official Website version (HD, 720p, 6 MB)
Youtube version (MQ , 360p, 1.8 MB)

It’s been awhile since the last time I posted something about TVXQ especially Yunho and Changmin, since they’re divided into 2 part, I feel so bad everytime I notice news update about them. I admit that I was trying to hide it but time passed but healed everything ^__^
Missha is a cosmetic brand from Korea. Some singers like Goo Hara and BoA used to be the endorsment model for Missha. This ads is simple, beautiful and looks fresh with Keep Your Head Down as background single. I dont know they filmed just one version or not but this one looks like a teaser 😀 . Maybe they would release some new version more.

Kim Hye Su looks so gorgeous, though she’s a veteran artist, she’s still bright. Both Yunho and Changmin looked so handsome. I love Changmiiiiinn >.< he’s so good looking. I love the way his hair was waving through the air. ommona… precious moment :*

I heard that they filmed this CF for 12 hours and they’re all praised by the crew because of their professional work. Of course 🙂

credit: missha official website
uploaded by youngladyjunsu.wordpress.com

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