[Digital Single] Park Myung Soo & G-Dragon feat. Park Bom – I CHEATED (Having an Affair)

My Rating: 10/10
I am addicted to this naughty song 😀

Title: I Cheated (Having an affair)
Artist: Park Myung Soo, G-Dragon, Park Bom
Release date: 2011.07.03
Language: Korean
Total Size: 4.8  MB


1. I Cheated

The other also called this song as “Having an Affair” while Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon are called as GG.

I love Park Myung Soo’s music, he has a unique and catchy lyric in every song. I Cheated is not the only song released by him that catch my mind. Remember the song Cold Noodles (feat. Jessica)?? I love that catchy song so much. It’s so unique, cute maybe and what a gagman 😀 he rapped in gag way.

I Cheated is different compares with Cold Noodles, that’s maybe cute song but this one is hyper and still catchy but it has a dark side yet naughty. The narration in the first is funny, GD and Park Myung Soo, best combo 😀 nice gag rap.

Myungsoo’s part when he said “mimi mianhae eomma yongseohae eomma … oneul bam jeonhwa da kkeo ..I’m on FIRE” it’s my favorite part. And I love Myung Soo’s sexy voice when he said “swag swag..” in airy way. hahaha.. totally this song is funny I think. It’s cool but I always laugh everytime I listen to it.

Bom’s part is like a heaven, I feel her voice is boom boom boom in my mind, powerfully keep repeating in my ears. I love singing her part too 😛 I was mistakenly singing her part before, I thought she sang like “seventh day night…” but after I checked the lyric it’s right “saturday night” … Ommonaa poor listening skill 😦

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