[MV] Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

My Rating: 10/10
touched music video :’)


Title: Don’t Say Goodbye
Artist: Davichi
Album: Love Delight [Mini Album]
Starring : Yoon Pyeong Ho
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 152  MB
Download: Mediafire

Kinda left this blog in the dark for so long 😀 . Finally touch kpop again.

As usual, Davichi own their concept, beautiful music video with touched storyline. Well the good thing is Minkyung was casted in this music video, we can see her glowing beauty here. Such a gorgeous lady. She looks so stunning. For some reason she reminds me to Choi Jiwoo and Park Bom :D. When she smile, she reminds me to Bom from a far, while her skinny tall figure reminds me a lot to Choi Jiwoo XD

Yeah I got the storyline and seems like everyone want a part II 😀 really can’t wait, Davichi usually release a part II in the next music video. Well, this storyline is quite easy to predict but it’s still so touched. A young guy suddenly found a strange girl then took a good care of her until they both fell in love. The climax is when he should exchange that girl with his lost girlfriend. Will they meet again???? coming soon in the part II . wkwkwk 😀 lol

credit: Kpop7

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