Happy Birthday My Friend

the real anniversary of my blog is on August 21st ^^
but because I am gonna be so bussy on that day, I celebrate it today.


it reachs two years .. such a long time a go I started this blog on my own, wrote everything, uploaded every files in my mp3 folders πŸ˜€ .. I miss the moment. I’ve been a kpop fan, crazy kpop fan..

This blog is such a beloved friend that I can talk everything what I want to say. Especially when I was going crazy over my kpop stuff. While I think, it comes different right now,.. as I grow up, the way I act to the situation is not the same again, I am not punching the pillow when I remember my bias anymore πŸ˜€ , I am not screaming when I saw my bias on TV, I’m not jumping when I saw the pict of my bias …. it’s not like that anymore πŸ˜€

That’s why this blog has grown so much, just like you see, there’s no frequent update anymore πŸ˜€ , I can’t follow kpop update like I did before, my real world is just about to start, I want to explore myself more, with my NEW normal life ..

The old me was so labile. The real me is right now,


I dont change, I just grow up…same with this blog, it wouldn’t change, it will grow and grow .. Though I ever think of closing it, my mind will recalling all the memories that I share here and it will always stop me from doing it.

Happy birthday to you, my friend ..

Thank you for being my faithful friend for 2 years..

Thank you for all of my visitors that ever viewed , comment or subscribed this blog. THANK YOU so much.

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