[Digital Single] YEIZON feat. Isak – In Muzik

Title: In Muzik
Artist: YEIZON feat. ISAK
Release date: 2011.07.11
Language: Korean
Total Size: 7ย  MB


1. In Muzik

My Rating : 8/10

I’m so excited when I heard Isak make a come back. I miss her too. This song is great, quite addicted to me, I think it will grow more as I keep on listening to it. Seems a long time never sing, I miss Isak’s voice, she done well ..

I smell something weird this year, SM seems like awaken some old artist, promote them again. I don’t know, I think they have some financial problem ๐Ÿ˜€ .. promoting some old artist to gain money maybe. Even some new artist didn’t do well like their senior .. as now, SNSD and Super Junior still lead SM . Some rookies are just doing their activities but not so much top Super Junior or SNSD in fame.


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