[MV+MP3] 2NE1 – Lonely


Whoaahhh I miss you, and I think I already missed a lot.  I never know that it’ took so long for me to get inactive from here, I thought that I’ll never come back here again.

It’s kinda rude and boring in kpop in the past few months, so many bad news that hurt me  and I can’t stand that I have those bunch of exam to be passed, and thankzz God that I passed. I will go into college this year, I’ll update more when I have a time 🙂 . I never planned to close my blog, though maybe I would not update it frequently, it will still open for everyone 🙂

Title: LONELY (music video)
Artist: 2NE1
File Type:  MP4
Quality: HQ
Size:   114  MB
Download MV: Mediafire

Download MP3: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Then in one alonely day, when I open kpopsite again, 2NE1 told me to make a come back in my blog with a lot of loneliness. Yes! I feel lonely without blog to write, without blog to express, without blog to talk, without you my visittor… thankz, I saw that my stat is still raising and some new comment while I was not active.

Hmm.. okay, let’s back to the curent topic “Lonely” .. Seriously this song is really into me, I don’t need to hear it until 3:27 minute in the first time to say that it’s the best track released in kpop for this year by so far. Again this is a new experiment of YG, I think they doing much experiment with instrument currently, after rock, and now acoustic. Really big proud of YG. They are totally an awesome music company.

The other thing that I love from YG, they always bring such an addicted music video, nice storyline, well concept, bring something new and fresh. Not just a dance performance. Definately I love this music video. You can read my mind, it’s truely addicted to watch, the emotion is just so right, but I wonder why they mimmed it in a bit slow and weak while the voice that come out is a bit loud and strong?! Currious ..!

Well, Minzy looks fresh in black hair, and why’d Bom change so much? I prefer seeing her in chubby cheek  rather than she lose her weight but she looks older and weak.

One storyline, one role but played by 4 girls .. The transition played well. I can feel a loneliness while watching it, or maybe because this song is really myself. I feel so much alonely in a big time, walking alone, person by person passed, and don’t know where to go .. It’s really bad.

Just like my friend said,” I hate this loneliness though it’s the most faithful thing that always accompany me”

Credits: Kpop7

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