[MV] SHINee – Replay (japanese version) (starring Yoona)


Title: Replay (japanese version)
Artist: SHINee
File Type:  MP4
Quality: HQ

Size: 146  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8.5/10

I prefer this version over the korean version. I love Taemin’s hair, .. and Key looks amazing like nerd in glasses 😀 . I love all clumsy scenes of  Jonghyun. 😀

when they dance outdoor, looks so fresh . Taemin is raaawwwkk, I feel travelled back a lot, I watch their debut music video right when they’re debuted. It’s nice watching they replay that dance step in new music video .

I don’t know they still took the song for older girl or not, but I notice the line in the translation “Is it because I’m too kind or too young” . I feel it’s maybe addressed to an older girl too.

I notice a beautiful eyecandy here, that’s —> Yoona here, is she an older girl? wkwkwkwkkkkk…..

she looks so damn stunning here, just like the lyric said, “Perfect special lady that everyone envies” … I envy her, why’s she so pretty? >.<

credits : kpop7

6 thoughts on “[MV] SHINee – Replay (japanese version) (starring Yoona)

  1. reglest says:

    Me love this version too, part of it because My japanese is better than my korean^^
    But I think the boy got a really good job to deliver the depth of the song. I love when they sing ‘kokoro’ I love the word so much.

    And Yoona seem so beautiful here, not just playing cutie-cutie ike in other SNSD MC, love this MV so much

  2. youngladyjunsu says:

    yes.. SM used to work with Avex, but this time I dont know, I also heard that SM also built SM Entertainment Japan, in order to make easier for SM korean artist who spread the wings in japan ..

  3. Christine says:

    Howdy! I was just lurking. Vocally, I like the Korean version better than the Japanese. It’s starting to grow on me. Taemin singing so much gives it a different feel, which isn’t bad. The Korean version had a more RnB vibe that I like.

    Among other things, this is the first time I think I understand while people think Yoona is pretty. She looks really pretty in the video. Prior to this I always thought she was a little plain.

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