[MP3] Mr. Children – Code Blue OST

just wanna share some random mp3 ^^ .
I recently watching Code Blue , the great medical japanese dorama ^^
I post some random songs from the dorama, I like it so much.

Seeing Yamapi (Tomohisa Yamashita) in lead role makes me can’t stop replaying this dorama, really great, excited and touched. Though it’s not about love story, Yamapi and Aragaki Yui made a good pair ^^, love them. I hope will see them together again in the future.

This Code Blue, They really have a great lifesaving medical treatment. You, who love medical dorama, highly recommed this, you’ll see so much great surgery scene in every episode XD

theme song

Title: Hanabi (Firework)
Artist: Mr. Children
Album: Hanabi [single]
Conductor: Toy’s Factory
Release date: 2008.09.02
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 5 MB

My Rating: 10/10

I simply love Hanabi since it’s the theme song (opening & closing theme). Like other people say, if it’s a drama or movie soundtrack, eventhough the song was so-so first but then you’ll feel it has a special moment everytime listening to it, because it makes you reminisce the great story of drama that you’ve watch, that’s why drama soundtrack always sound special.^^ Totally this Hanabi is a nice catchy song and has a great lyric. I love the part “mou ikai mou ikai” XD.

insert songs

Title: Kaze to Hoshi to Moebius no Wa (The Wind, The Stars and The Moebius Ring)
Artist: Mr. Children
Album: Gift [single]
Conductor: Toy’s Factory
Release date: 2008.07.30
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 9.37 MB

My Rating: 7/10

this one is a bit ballad .

Title: Koe (Voice)
Artist: Mr. Children
Album: Supermarket Fantasy
Conductor: Toy’s Factory
Release date: 2008.12.10
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 9.92 MB

My Rating: 10/10

so much in love with this song since the first time, it was played in last episode of Code Blue season 2, since in the screen it didn’t show what’s the title that played during that scene, I hardly didn’t get this song, by figuring it was sung by Mr. Children, and an insert song for Code Blue, then I found it.

Highly recommended. I love the repetitive rhyme of the lyriic, sound so enjoyable and emotional in the end.

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