[Album] MBLAQ – Style

Title: Style
Artist: MBLAQ
Album: 1st Album – Style
Release date: 2011.01.10
Conductor: JTune Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 93  MB

01. Sad Memories (Intro)
02. Stay
03. Cry
04. 그대여 (Darling)
05. 버린다 (Throw Away)
06. 녹 (Rust)
07. Tonight
08. 이러지 않았으면 해 (Hope It Won’t Be Like This)
09. You’re My
10. Rolling U
11. Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
13. 또다른 시작 (A Different Beginning)

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My Rating: 8/10

quite addicted to Cry, Stay and Tonight.

no more words to say. I’m gonna take a long hiatus again.

just info, I’ll enter the college, so got to prepare a lot. rrggghhh.. work hard and study hard. Hwaiitiing!!!

credit: Kpop7