[MP3] Yoo Young Jin – Beautiful Girls (a tribute song to SNSD)

Title: Beautiful Girls
Artist: Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
Album: 1st Asia Live Tour (SNSD)
Release date: 2010.12. 23
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 5 MB


1. Beautiful Girls (a tribute song for SNSD)

My Rating: 10/10

Thumbs up to Yoo Young Jin as awlays. Maybe some of you don’t know who’s Yoo Young Jin. He is a great musician in Korea who produced such a big hits like O-Jeong.Ban.Hap (DBSK), Rising Sun (DBSK, Purple Line (DBSK), Don’t Don (Super Junior), Sorry Sorry (Super Junior), Man In Love (Super Junior), Super Girl (Super Junior M), SHINee World (SHINee), Hanbeon Do Ok (CSJH The Grace), Scandal (Kangta), ID Peace B (BoA) and a lot … He also featured his voice in Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry Answer.

such a great singer, his voice is very delicate soft-powerful. Some netizen also commented that Mr. Yoo is such a korean version of Craig David, such a great voice.
I really love this song, I love the way he’s playing with the members name. He made it like a sweet melody, whoaaa….
such a beautiful song, enjoyable and relaxed. High recommended!!

But I heard some error pronounciation in his accent, his english is great but when he said “beautiful” , he sounded like “beauty fool” hahaha XD *joking* .. Then I heard such a words “pabo pabo pabo” ,so I thought that he really mean to make it such “beauty fool” but when I checked the lyric, it’s truely “beautiful” so, I figure out that maybe he got a bit something different pronounciation. XD

credits: youngladyjunsu.wordpress.com

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