[MV] TVXQ Yunho & Changmin – Keep Your Head Down


Title: Keep Your Head Down
Artist: TVXQ Yunho & Changmin
Release date: 2011.01.03
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 96 MB

My Rating: 10/10 of course!!

whoaaa..2011 is amazing, so many great songs released, I’m in the high mood of updating my blog again^^ since my Kings are back too. Finally my 5 Gods already make a come back though they re in different stage, but at least I can see my Gods alive on the stage . Touched

They are amazing, in such a lot of depression and pressure , they still bring us the best. This MV is hot and strong but I feel like I wanna cry. In the deep of my heart, in every beat of my heart, it’s beating, whispering the wind that I want they performed this song as 5 so badly. Not only 2, but 5. Forever my 5 Gods. T_T

I gotta a different feeling with this MV, the aura is kinda hurtful, pain, strength, resisting and fight. Yunho with fire and Changmin with light, I can’t deny that it makes me feel so scared, like they wanna show us how they feel like fighting against each other, or is this just my bad feeling but I feel like they try to show us how the group separated and against each other . T_T I hope it’s just my bad feeling.

The concept is kinda familiar on me, the first intro show us their solo dance, though Yunho is a dancing machine, let me choose Changmin’s solo dance on it XD. When they dance in black and white outfit, the concept reminds me a lot to Mirotic, they both looked hot. Yunho is a flawless performer and Changmin is so handsomee^^. When the music break around 3:38 I think, it’s kinda the same like when they did a dance in music break in Rising Sun MV, even the dance step has a different style too. Totally great. The emotion reminds me a lot to Purple Line, yeah since the composser is the same, no wonder.

Credits: KPOP7

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