[MV] MBLAQ – Cry


Title: C r y
Artist: MBLAQ

Release date: 2011.01.03
Conductor: Jtune Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 132  MB


My Rating: 9/10

It’s for their great interpretation for the song. The dance concept match the song pretty much.

Look! Joon has the most smokey eyeliner and make up on his eyes XD. I adour G.O the most. I love him the most. Hihihi… he becomes more and more handsome day by day. Our Chundong is still cute no matter what and Mir, whoaaa.. he grew a lot, almost can’t recognize him. Seungho is just the same and Joon, .. eerrggh this member, did he try to make an impersonation of Jokwon?? Why’d act so overact like that? Watching his facial expression and mimming , he is too much overact. Please don’t get me wrong, Joon is cute, bu sometimes he is overacting too much. I hope he would stop of trying to be funny XDDD .

I love the dancing under water part, got the emotion a lot. And singing in drenching rain, woww… a lot of deep emotion. Chundong makes such a crying-baby expression XDD and G.O is so awesome *G.O biased*.

who’s the one that create that concept?? so Rainy. XD .

Haha Rain trained his boys very good.

Credits : KPOP7

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