[Album] TVXQ Yunho & Changmin – Keep Your Head Down

Title: Keep Your Head Down
Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki (Yunho & Changmin)
Release date: 2011.01.05
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 77 MB

01 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)
02 믿기 싫은 이야기 (How can I)
05 Honey Funny Bunny
07 고백 (Confession)
08 Our Game
09 SHE
10 아테나 (ATHENA)

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my Rating: 10/10

I’m melted just in the first listening, Changmin get improved a lot and Yunho sounds so fresh and sexy. I adour Changmin’s high note and soft-rocking scream.

– Keep Your Head Down : whatever people say the lyric is talking  to JYJ or not, I don’t care. I just keep in listening, enjoying it and make it my top played song. I already talked about this song before, such a wonderful R&B hip hop. I love it. It’s so upbeat but I got a sad feeling during the chorus, especially when they said,”wae…” (why) .. so tender touched. I love Yunho’s rap so much, he can transformed into so varioust voice. Love his rap, and Changmin. OMG All cassies already melted with his scream, he has a great interpretation to the song.

-How Can I : this is a ballad track. The chorus is kinda familiar. I never heard Yunho sing such like this. His voice is sounding crying… OMG!! of course, the pressure and their hard condition make them emotionally in interpreting such a song like this. So sad T_T .

-Maximum : I think you already notice this song before, finally the official studio version released. It’ has Yoo Young Jin’s music style, maybe he is the one who compossed it. Mr. Yoo is timeless…. so brilliant work. I love the beat, such a different song compare with the other, R&B but it has a traditional instrument and it’s well arranged.

-CRAZY : is it Yunho’s solo??? I almost hear his voice only. But I think it’s not, Changmin appeared after Yunho’s first turn. Still in nice arranged R&B music, it’s so enjoyable but not so upbeat like Keep Your Head Down, it’s so-so in the first time listening but so addicted in the chorus. The lyric is well match, I love the way they say “excuse me..” The last chorus is kinda autotune but glad Changmin save it, he did nice adlibbing.

-Honey Funny Bunny : the title is cute but the song is manly … XD Yunho lead the song the most, OMG!! I love his harsh voice, so smexy hot. Still in R&B, this track is a bit more enjoyable than the previous track, the rhythm is more slower. All I need to say is SEXY. XD

-RUMOR : the same type like Crazy, What should I say about this song??? I think it’s not bad, and I still love it, I love the voices “rumoooorrr..” ahaha…

-Confession : a ballad track again. This is totally the song that makes you cry. So emotionally touched. Changmin’s voice blew away, soft, yet powerful and it landed in your ears, I automatically crying. T_T

-Our Game : it grabbed an electronic pop rhythm music. You can hear Yunho & Changmin rapped in the first, but they too much sound digitally in this song. Totally the rap part grab a long duration for the song.

-She :Love this track so much. I don’t understand the lyric but it got me a heartbreak feeling and pain and yeahhh.. I love R&B! The piano tune blew so breezy. The chorus is veru addictive. I can’t stop playing this song, it’s just my type, my favorite style. High recommended!!!! ^^b

-아테나 (ATHENA) : this is the song that I love the least in this album. I don’t know why, I am juts not attracted in to the song like this, maybe if I watch the drama, it’ll grow more on me. XD

credits: KPOP7

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