[Single] Jyongri – Without You


Title: Without You
Artist: Jyongri
Release date: 2010.08.04
Conductor: EMI Japan
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 36.9 MB

1. Without You
2. ストーリー (Story)
3. Without You (instrumental)
4. ストーリー(instrumental)

.:Download full-single:.

My Rating: 8.5/10

I know Jyongri since she released her “Kissing Me”. I love the song and find the she sang very well. Then her perfection ballad “Lullaby For You” released and it knocked my heart down. It’s one of my forever favorite song. XD No wonder that she is promoted as the second Utada Hikaru, even they’re in the same agency too. Though she sings well, I don’t think she can replace Utada Hikaru ^^ Hikki is the best singer in Japan.

:^ Without You : it grabbed 5 minutes length. This is a nice ballad. I really love this song, the piano in the intro sound so dramatic. I love when she sings in this kind of stuff, rather than some of her upbeat tracks. She show her vocal skill a lot. The chorus really blow my heart and I feel like I soar in sadness, it’s so deep.

:^ストーリー (Story) : I really can’t get into this song, the intro sound so whatever and until the end, I don’t really like this song. hehehe..

credits: jpopayuhongaku.wordpress.com

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