My Special Gift For Xiah Junsu 24th Birthday

I almost did this over 2 years. Start in 2008, the first time I drew him. and these are the only things that I could do this year. ggaagghhhhh so busy to fix the time, I posted a lot of goodies last year. Just check it in my special page.

Happy Birthday Junsu oppa and Junho oppa^^



I replace his tattoo with cassiopeia sign, gravity of “5” and there is also “Always Keep The Faith” on it but a little bit small.



[Digital Painting] BoA the face (inspired by Christina Aguilera)


Some new release borred me a lot, so I just make some random post like this.

I just learn this from myself. The concept inspired by Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque poster and maybe her make up in Bionic. And the make up too. rolleyes.gif

There is no special tutorial about this. All I do is just drawing by photoshop. The color, concept and the anatomy, BoA help me the most XDD.. I enjoy drawing her face. I also drew some new artworks of her, but I don’t feel okay to post it here, because I make BoA with a partner XD . It’s not about rated or something, but I don’t want some antis bash my work . hehehehe .. I just post it in JBW , the right place.
Feel free to take it. But please ..
-don’t edit my work
-don’t plagiat my work
-don’t hotlink
-remember to always credits me
-commeeeennnnt XD

thank you^^