[Album] JYJ – The Beginning

Title: The Beginning
Artist: JYJ
Release date: 2010 . 10 . 14
Conductor: Warner Music Korea
Language: English
Total Size: 62 MB

01 Intro
02 Ayyy Girl (Feat. Kanye West and Malik Yusef)
03 Empty
04 Be My Girl
05 Still in Love [compossed by Hero Jaejoong]
06 I Can Soar [compossed by Xiah Junsu]
07 I Love You (Feat. Flowsik) [compossed by Micky Yoochun]
08 Be The One

.:Download full-album:.

My Rating: 9/10

Great thankz to Warner Music Korea, Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins cause they bring my boys back and sing again. I can’t sleep over day by day since I heard they would release an album. XP

I feel so worried before, because it’s full in english. I am afraid that they will sound bad or weird. It’s okay for Mr. Micky Yoochun XD. Of course. But for Jaejoong and Junsu, I feel afraid for the bashing from the netizen. Especially that Junsu. hahaha LOL. I realize they didn’t sound flawless in english, but at least they sound well. I believe if they keep in improve, they will get it and sound flawless.  PLEASE RESPECT THESE BOYS.

I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! It didn’t fail me. Out of  3 songs that compossed by the member, I can’t choose which one that I love the most. Junsu bring it so emotionally in “I Can Soar”, Jaejoong is so mysterious in “Still In Love” (just like in 9095) and Yoochun with the light R&B in “I Love You”. *HoMin would get jealous on them *

arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh these boys.

Gonna back with the individual review ASAP.

.:Ayy Girl : It sound great in the intro. Great music and I love the beat. But I can still hear that JYJ murmured. I can’t hear their voice properly, especially Jaejoong.

.:Empty : The piano turned first, I thought it would be a ballad buut Yoochun turned first and the beat started. He sound well here. Jaejoong sounds a bit nasal in the chorus, he troubled the song. XD. Overall, Yoochun did the best here.

.:Be My Girl : out of the songs that they sing together, this one is becoming my favorite. I hope they would stop murmur XD. I love this one the most. Junsu lead the chorus, that’s why it got an accent obviously. XD

.:Still In Love : Jaejoong turned here. Leading the solo track. The way it turned is just so fantastic and mysterious but he ruined the chorus. I can’t hear anything except random tiny voices. Well, it’s kinda 9095 that he compossed in their latest japanese album. Though 9095 also bring some mysterious flame, I think it’s not going so bad. It work well and Jaejoong compossed it properly without missed something. He is really good in compossing. Completely a musician. Well here, I don’t think he is good in singing. I just can’t hear anything with the backing harmonization or the chorus, but the high note that he made after 3:20 is quite amazing. I have miss that kind of note that he is good in.

.:I Can Soar : I am in love with this song since the first time. The piano and ballad. Though Junsu is the worst in english XD, his voice fixed it very well. He give his powerful voice here, so he can covered his bad pronounciation a bit. *get slapped* I can’t stop play this song, the girl who sings in ad-libbing harmonized it so beautifully.  Thumbs up for Junsu. He just win my heart. My heart already soarrrrrrrrr~~~

.:I Love You : Now Yoochun turned. Love the rap so much. And if I learn it, it quite reminds me to Love Bye Love. Just because the intro with the girl narration. Yeah  Yoochun got his style. Truthfully, I don’t like the chorus. Quite ruin the song if they didn’t make it. The rap is alright. Flowsick is dude, so cool. Junsu and Jaejoong also appear. I’m not sure for Jaejoong, but Junsu obviously give his best ad-libbing as I can hear really clear.

.:Be The One : this kind of song sounds so familiar. Nothing special overall, but everybody said it’s very cool. I think because of it’s the upbeat track and goes so catchy. Vocally, it’s not their best vocal level. I love the part “Baby be the one ..baby, let me be the one…” , it’s in digital effect and I heard it just like Gain’s first part in Brown Eyed Girls’s Abracadabra. XD It just work like that on me and makes me wanna try the front dance. XD.. haha

credits: KPOP7

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