[MV] BEAST – Breathe (Soom)


Title: Soom (BREATHE)
The 3rd mini album – Mastermind
File Type: MP4
Quality: HD
 Size: 87 MB

Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

Same title with Miss A, right?

If you notice it, I always try to take the caption with the rainy scene. XD
Gotta so obsessed with the rainy scene, especially if they dance with the splashing water, just example 2PM – Without U, CSJH – Dancer In The Rain, BoA – I Did It For Love, SHINee – Ring Ding Dong, Co-Ed – Too Late and more…

Yoseob got drak hair here, yeah he still looked cute with the black hair, though I also love him in the platina hair. He is so cute, I think he captured like a kid, XD. Gikwang always do the hottest. gggggghhhhhh… so Hot. Junhyung would be the sexy rapper here. I love his neck-line, he looked sexy . Anyway any something trouble with their outfit??? What the hell with that pant or  what can I say, they looked like in the summer season.

I love the dance love as always, BEAST is one of the best dance group cause they dance with their heart, match, and all of them are doing exactly great in their dance performance.

credits: KPOP7

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