[Digital Painting] Dana The Grace

I feel freaking boring with some KPop stuff right now, so let me post my own work.
I don’t know why all of them just sound so boring and nothing special.

7trh32t3htShe’s an adorable leader. Since I’m a Shapley, I dedicate this to melodana@twitter ^^
Using Photoshop and U know, I really tried hard.
I learn the speedpainting that I got in youtube. And this is my first work.

But  I don’t post it the first.

The first photoshop-artwork that I post here is Stephanie The Grace special birthday.
I really get hard to make her hair, because my hand is still stiff and not get used to make such a speedpainting artwork using mouse -,-
But Dana onnie always appear in my mind everytime I’m down, that’s why I try and try
and this……… yeah
we will always wait for your come back.
CSJH hwaiting!!!!!!!^^


it looks a big different, ne????? -____- *down*

At least I try. I want to make more.


Don’t Steal My ARTWORK, okay!!!!
This artwork was only promoted here
if you found it anywhere,
it means that they stole it from me.
Try once, you die!