[MV] Se7en – I’m Going Crazy


Title: I’m Going Crazy
Artist: Se7en
Starring: Park Han Byul (his girlfriend^^)
Album: I’m Going Crazy[digital single]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD
Size: 121 MB
Download: Mediafire

My rating: 10/10

Ommonaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. I should marked it as my favorite MV released in 2010. It has all of the favorite. Favorite couple, singer, song and yeah .. everything. As I always think, YG always bring so many great storyline MV. I gotta bored with some dance MV recently. It’s getting so tired to watch people in dancing XD. I turned into storyline mode on. As 2NE1 did in Go Away MV, now Se7en bring an emotional MV. Really macth to this autumn. XD

I watch it like a real life, it goes like a reality. You know, the storyline start, Se7en is a hot star, he has nothing to do while he is busy and his girlfriend want to do this and that. *I think it’s like his real life* . But for me, there is nothing wrong or right. I can’t blame the girl or the boy. They should get understand to each other *suddenly talk so warm* .. I almost got teary seeing Han Byul onnie cry in the last scene, while Se7en place her againts the wall and  scolded her. What a pity. I would say like,” Se7en oppaa…. don’t do that. She is just a girl who want something special from her boyfriend.”

They act really realistic. *I think they may experienced it before* . Touched .. T_T

I’m totally going crazy to this MV. Hope this couple would get married soon. They have been dating almost 8 years.

credits: KPOP7

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