[MV] CSJH The Grace – My Everything






Title: My Everything (Passion)
Artist: CSJH The Grace
Starring: Yoon A (from SNSD) and Ki Bum (from Super Junior)
Album: Hanbeon Do, Ok
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 77 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Old stuff, guys. Back to winter 2006.

Well. I heard the rumour that the girls will make a come back with the single “Beautiful” this year. *It’s just rumour*. But I hope it’ll become true. Miss them so much.

This song is my favorite song ever. Eventhough they did a cover, they sound nice and better than the original singer.

This music video didn’t disappoint me of course. I got the storyline, from childhood-friend-love-story and they met again after w few years. It’s so beautiful and lovely. Yoona made an appearance here while she was not debuted yet in that time. She looked so sweet I admit it. Kibum is one of my favorite finding here. XD . Kinda miss him too. He made a good pair with Yoona –, *damn!!!*

All CSJH girls looked so stunning *envy them* . Especially Lina onni, she always makes a gorgeous appearance, such an eyecandy. Sunday looked so young, just look at my caption above, she looked like the youngest, right? XD . I hope Stephanie would have a straight hair here, she looked younger and more beautiful with the straight hair. But she didn’t make it here. She’s still gorgoeus. Well I love Dana’s expression in my caption above.

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