[Album] BoA – Hurricane Venus (Repackaged)

Title: Hurricane Venus (repackaged)
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2010.09.24
Language: Korean
Total Size: 16 MB

02. Hurricane Venus
04. I’m OK(보고 싶더라)
05. GAME
06. 옆사람
07. M.E.P(My Electonic Piano)
08. LET ME
09. 한별
11. 하루하루
12. Don’t Know What To Say
13. 로망스

.:Download:. (bold-italic track only)

Hay everyoneeeeeeeeeee……. long update, ne??? so sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.

Everything just going worse adn worse, you know?? grrrrr….. I feel like I wanna shut all the computer up. No good conection, weird wordpress on my connection and that hell tinypic that suddenly becoming nice again. …. ggggrrrrrrr… *I’m dying*

Let’s start!!

Concist of two new songs. I don’t think it would top the Hurricane venus.

-Copy & Paste : is this how she reply to her previous plagiarism rumour? XD. The way it turned is really cool. The girl with the powerful narration, she would be the one who really good in english or non korean? .  I love the beat more than Hurricane Venus. But I still can’t het into her voice. I don’t think she show some talent in her voice here. Need learning to get used to it.

-I’m Ok : it goes with the breezy guitar in the first. It’s so nice to listen it. It still didn’t bored me until the chorus. I love the lyric and how it make a sense and BoA sing with…… I think she really got into the feeling of this song. Quite pain, charming and still smile…! So many feeling appear when I heard this song. Perfect to her voice.

credits: KPOP7

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