[MV] TRAX – Oh! My Goddess


Title: Oh! my Goddess
Artist: TRAX
Album: Oh My Goddess [mini album]
File Type: mkv
Quality: HQ
Size: 107 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10

Both Jay and Jungmo looked really handsome here, especially Jungmo .. waaaaaa… love him with his electric guitar. Nothing special with the storyline. Seohyun just appeared once here and there with the white outfit and soft background. She is totally goddess. Seeing the cover with the wedding dress, I though she will appear with the wedding story here but it doesn’t. Yeah.. don’t let her did it here, but let her did it in CN Blue MV someday, especially with Jung Yonghwa XD *seohwa obsessed*

I watch TRAX’s previous MV like “First Rain” (starring Lina The Grace), I hope they would make that kind of MV again. I love the MV with the storyline. Jay and Lina The Grace also act really good at it.

credits: korean music blog

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