[Mini Album] TRAX – Oh My Goddess

Title: Oh My Goddess
Artist: TRAX
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2010.09.06
Language: Korean
Total Size: 31 MB


01 오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess)
02 Let’s Play
03 자기야 (Jagiyah)
04 Rush
05 없는 사람 (Everlasting Story)
06 태양의 노래 (Running My Way)

My Rating: 9/10

Finally back to review this mini album. The track that thrilled me the most is “Oh! My Goddess” . Oh my God, I would say thank you everytime I heard that title, XDD.

-Oh!My Goddess : I ever talked about this song before. I love the chorus. it’s raaawwwkkkk.

-Let’s Play : this track reminds me to Maroon 5 in the intro, and it’s still in in Maroon 5 style until the end. And it blow into the pop rock sense in the chorus, so catchy.

-Jagiyah: Jagiyah means “honey”. It turned to slow and nice relaxed here. It’s becoming one of the best finding here *especially for you who love rock ballad*. Of course Jay sounds really well.

-Rush : back to some rock beat again. Some part of this sounds familiar. I think the way Jay sing just sounds so familiar on my ear. Sometimes like J-Rock band or western band. yeah.. maybe because the number of rock band in Korea isn’t that much > XD

-Everlasting Story: wow,, another touched rock-ballad came out again.  But again, it sounds very very familiar on my ears, bu it work well, he he he.

-Running My Way : it brings a feeling that I wanna run away from my life. XD . it’s the first thing that came out on my mind in the first listening. Powerful and upbeat, totally give me an inspiration. The rap part is quite brilliant.

credits: Cloud_Honey@boajjang