[MV] 2PM – Thank You

Title: Thank You
Artist: 2PM
Album: Thank You [digital single]
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 63 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

As always, 2PM released a documentation music video again. By so far, this is the best, since they sing it to their hottest, showing their love to fan and thank to them. But there is something miss. Yeah. . that’s Jaeboom T_T.

This is a touched song that will make you cry if you didn’t hold on tight. I am so touched because they sing a special song for the fan. They also show their artwork there, Nickhun looked like a teacher who teach a lesson in the pict above, right? XDD Absolutely love his artwork. All the members are showing a lovely artwork. I love it. Nickhun’s one is my favorite.

credits: jojo@jenpoo.com

[MV] 2PM – Fly To SOEUL “Boom Boom Boom”


Title: Fly To Seoul “Boom Boom Boom”
Artist: 2PM
Album: Fly To Seoul “Boom Boom Boom”[digital single]
File Type: avi
Quality: MQ
Size:21 MB

My Rating: 8.5/10

Well, they have a great city to promote. After Super Junior and SNSD, it turned to 2PM.

When the first time my friend recommend this song to me, I though she talked about the song “Follow Your Soul” so I am not so interested cause I have own it. Well, she show me this MV, I’m just amazed, wow.. it’s Seoul!! yeah “Fly To Seoul” or “Follow Your Soul” …. a bit confussing, since they released a lot of digital single, and they pronounced “Soul” and “Seoul” is almost sounds the same.

Compared with Super Junior and SNSD music video, this video is rock, showing they did acrobat though it’s not even them XD. Vocally, I love Super Junior and SNSD – SEOUL more than this. But, some lines reminds me to SNSD – Gee, especially the part dugeun dugeun dugeun and panjak panjak panjak, sounds similar, right? but it’s not the matter. Enjoy Seoul! This video really makes me wanna go there, such an amazing light city! ^^

credit: jojo@jenpoo.com