[Digital Single] CN Blue – Love Light

Title: Love Light (Sarang Bit)
Artist: CN Blue
Conductor: FNC Music
Release date: 2010 (can’t find the right date)
Language: Korean
Total Size: 7 MB


1. Love Light

My Rating: super 10/10!!!

I love this song so much. Though it’s not a new release for today, I still got so melted to this song. It work very very very well. It has been becoming the top hits in the radio here. I also heard that some people love this song and they praise CN Blue (they’re even a Kpop holic)

Great thankz to Jung Yong Hwa, the leader who has wrote and compossed this song. Love the acoustic guitar, and lovely lyric. Listening to it felt like in the morning bliss. XD. So in love to this beautiful voice.

Vocally, Jong Hyun sounds very well here, even I prefer to his voice rather than Yoghwa XP.. *mianhae Yonghwa* .. but the reff is nothing without Yonghwa’s voice. Great. The rap is also so flawless. I think I heard the words “I’m genie for you girl” in this song. haha.. reminds me to that 9 girls’s song.

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