[Album] SHINee – Lucifer


Title: Lucifer
Artist: SHINee
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2010.07.19
Language: Korean
Total Size: 88.6 MB


01. UP & DOWN
02. Lucifer
03. Electric Heart
04. A-Yo
05. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
06. 화살 (Quasimodo)
07. 악 (Shout Out)
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

My Rating: 9.5/10

I still to listen to this album more , this is just a review that I made in the first impression. Enjoy it!!! I enjoy it like I enjoy their first amazing album, this album is really great, though I still love the first album more  .

First they scared me with the photo teaser, but in this cover.. the re so sexy hot . XD

::Your Name:: this song reminds me a lot to TVXQ’s Beautiful Life, the beat is similar, but the melody is different. Relaxed song and very gentle.

::Electric Heart:: This is a hip hop song, the beat in the first is very nice and make u wannna dance.. But the way they sing is a bit different. Like whispering but they sound sexy …. ^^,

::Lucifer:: I don’t really get into this song, quite messy in my first impression.. I think I need to keep it in my playlist until it work on me. XDD This is just the first listening ..

::Obsession:: It’s R&B hip hop too^^ hyaaaaa… so many hip hop and up beat songs, I love this kind of SHINee, finally they back to their debut music style. XD Obsession is great.. relaxed hip hop.. Jonghyun lead the chorus a bit nasal, but he managed it very well.

::E (Shout Out):: I recommend this song a lot. Great hip hop.. the rap is really addicting, cool, rawrrrrrrk… and yeah you know what?? there is a monkey’s voice in the first and barking dog in the end . XD . I like this track. It’s all about Key and Minho ^^

:: 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On):: I have nothing to say yet ..

:: WOWOWOW:: from the title, it’s looked so interestinng , yeah .. it wouldn’t disappoint you .. I like this track too.. quite bubbling and catchy. But I don’t like that they sound too much digitally here.. T_T what the hell with the music editor … they sound nice eventhough without digital effect .

:: 화살 (Quasimodo):: amazing ballad!!!!!! nice intro, reminds me to DBSK again.. just like their acapella harmonization . T_T but it’s just the intro . The whole song flow really well and softly, but it’s not SHINee’s best ballad song .. I think some of their ballads tracks in their first album really touched more than this, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good song ..

::Life:: ballad again. The intro was opened by a narration, it it Minho?? I think he talk about “world”, becuse I heard a word “saesanghae” .. sorry, I don’t know about korean . I enjoy this soft harmonization so much. Onew did the very nice vibration here .. Compare with Quasimodo, I love this ballad more.

::Ready Or Not:: up beat again!! let’s switch on!!! I got a summer spirit in this song .. So Hot!! XD

::Love Pain:: such a nice way to start the song . Key’s words “My Love is pain” is kinda resemble to G-Dragon’s narration a bit . I love this kind of song … really love it .

::A-Yo:: wowww.. such a SHINee. This song is so interesting. Don’t hesitate to try it. R&B is HOT!

:: Up & Down:: Let me say that the intro is kinda annoyed me first .. but when Onew turned … hoaaawww .. it sound so excellent.. XD and that Key’s “Hey Baby” .. ommo .. I am smitten by this song.

credit: yogoaj.blogspot.com