[Pict] U-know Yunho – KBSWORLD Guide


Yunho of Dong Bang SHin Ki will take the leasdrole as Prince Shin in the musical drama “Goong” . (this is the musical version).

OMG ………….. this prince …………!!! *runny nose* He looked so good looking and yeah .. he is surely good looking. Such a good eyecandy.

Ok.. let’s compare him to Joo Ji Hoon. Well, this is the point that I catch,

*Yunho is so good looking, masculine and perfect as the manly role.
*Joo Ji Hoon is good looking too but compared with Yunho, I think some girls would pick Yunho the most XP.
*Yunho drew a good charisma as the perfect guy or prince
*Joo Ji Hoon played the role as prince Shin really well, such a perfectionist. Cool, charismatic and gentle.

But I think Joo Ji Hoon has a plus, Joo Ji Hoon’s face looked so natural and captured the nobleman a lot. He is such a face that we can find in the historical-figure-face XP. His slanted eyes are really different. He really has it, good looking but naturally like the real-King-face.

bonus* official poster

the girl… T_T I hope there is no ki***ng scene.

Credits: TVXQBaiduShared + sharingyoochun
by: DBSKnights

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