[MV] Super Junior – No Other


just find it interesting!^^

Artist: Super Junior
Album: 4th Album Repackaged
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 100.84 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Well I’m smitten by this music video, eventhough I can’t see Kangin, Ki Bum or Han Geng T_T . They all still do it very good. Since I love the song, the music video also grow so easy on me. I like it a lot and feel like I need to watch it at least once a day. XD haha..

They all have a cute way to surpraised their girl, Siwon is so good looking and the girl is so lucky to own him there. Well I love the way Donghae hold the rose, Sungmin has a funny way haha.. look at him, he is like a stalker and play the music silently, Kyuhyun is my djsiohdouwghruoiwgruigrduiwgruwgrui……….*speechless* .. OMG I really love this guy the most. Yesung is so cute with the kid and balloon, Ryeowook is the one who suffer a lot.. hahaha.. hard to clean her car, Sindong’s way is simple, Heechul…. mmm.. he is romantic to writting the love letter maybe?? and then Eunhyuk ………………………………. kkkk *die* .. he is too sexy compared to the others here. and Eeteuk, he did the best .. XD is he a stalker??? He took all the member’s pict by holding camera everywhere!!! SO nice ….. please watch this. Kinda addicted to it.

This is really a HQ music video. Please download and enjoy, don’t forget credit!

Credit: sment + kokayz.livejournal.com
Upload Credit: kokayz.livejournal.com

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