[Single] IU – 잔소리

Title: 잔소리
Artist: IU
Conductor: LOEN Entertainment
Release Date: 2010.06.03
Language: Korean
Total Size: 17.6 MB


1.    잔소리 (With 임슬옹 of 2AM)
2.    Rain Drop

My Rating: 8.5/10

I love the track 2 the most. Eventhough it’s just a cover song for Wheesung’s version in Why Did You Come To My House OST. Both Wheesung and IU have their own quality and interpretation. I love the two versions, Wheesung is quite soft and relaxed while IU can bring it in the more emotionally. Hehe.. though I’m quite missunderstood in the first time cause I heard it like “Orange Drop” in the chorus.. and when I looked at the title carefully, ow it was “Rain Drop” not “Orange Drop”. It’s just depend on the way they sings, actually they sings “Oh Rain Drop” but I heard it like “Orange Drop” ,… XD hahaaa.. useless.

Anyway got bored with the cover, she used to dress like that in the previous cover.

Credits: Jam2Max@jenpoo.com

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