[MV] SS501 – Love Ya


Title: Love Ya
Artist: SS501
Album: Destination
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 58.87  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10

I love the performance of the girls with the violin. The boys also dance really well, Hyun Joong got a solo dance in the middle, he looks really cool but Hyung Jun attracted me so much in the first. Their black outfit looks so gentle, yeah.. but when Hyung Jun dance and jump and jump, I notice that it’s ripped in the back, revealed the skin a bit. Woww.. the fashion designer seems like never lose her/his idea for a brand new concept. Such a brilliant lighthing effect but I think the camera is really annoying, I think it’s shaking a bit. Maybe the music video director did it intentionally. I don’t know if it has a good effect, maybe it has but not always and not in the whole MV.

credit: ihoneyjoo.com + ikayness.org

[MV] Krystal (f(x)) – Melody (Moderato 설렘편)


nice caption ne? ^^ XD

Title: Melody
Artist: Krystal
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 42.31 MB
Download: Mediafire
My Rating: 7.5/10

Hey ! I’m sorry I have been dissapeared for a while.. hehe.. I have some competitions to join, so no wonder!! But Welcome back ^^ and thankz for always support me ^^ Love ya…
Okay! I think this is such a music project. Krystal was starring it and well she sings on it. I don’t enjoy this song, maybe it’s just not my style, but maybe some of you will love you. Just watch this video, the story is making sense though I feel the guy is really old for Krystal. Krystal looked so gorgeus and well resemble to Yoona rather than Jessica.

Credit: jenpoo.com