[Artwork] BoA – Black and Best of Soul Wallpaper + Bonus

Attention!!  It’s just distributed by this blog only!!  so if you found it in other site without a credit, it means that they steal it from me. DON’T HOTLINK OR SPREAD IT OUT!! Try once, You DIE!!

hay guys… welcome back! ^^

I miss you all. How are  you? fine? I’m fine too, maybe just a little bit tired because of

the exam, yeah it’s not easy ….

Glad that my blog is still alive and well it’s because of you too . Thank you^^

I don’t post any download link, music or video right now since I have missed it a lot and I need to dig dig dig some info to
make sure that I check all of the missing K-Pop or J-Pop stuff that I missed up. 🙂
All that I know is I don’t post Junsu – Intoxication yet. haha..
Can’t wait to the full mini album? or single???? The music video is getting everywhere but he doesn’t release the mp3 officially yet.
Well well well, I talk a lot ..

To the point, this is my new BoA artwork. I’m a big fan, no wonder that I created this for her XD.
I made a wallpaper version with 2 different size. Make sure that you grab the right size to fit it up in your desktop. The size is different,
1200 x 758 is for you who use a wide screen in the same resolution with 1900 x 1200 or 720 x 480 (yeah, I don’t really know about the screen or monitor,


I just learn it manually ^^) and the 1200 x 1000 is for you who use a screen with the same resolution as 1400 x 1200 or maybe 800 x 600! ^^ enjoy

the real artwork version!
Medium size maybe, I save the large size for myself only. LOL . XP

does it  remind you to BoA?? XD

3 thoughts on “[Artwork] BoA – Black and Best of Soul Wallpaper + Bonus

  1. MeWAsHERe says:

    Hi! I’m glad to see you’re back! Oh, and some new artwork! I’m not a fan of BoA, I only know one song of her, but these drawings are terrific. I’m so happy I found your blog! And thanks for the bonus! :))

  2. youngladyjunsu says:

    wowww first comment for my come-back. I love new comment. Thank you and you’re welcome^^

  3. Fabio Aparicio says:

    Hello! I was searching some stuffs about BoA, and I found your Blog, and I loved it! I’m a fan of J-Pop and K-Pop, mainly BoA-chan, Kumi Koda, SE7EN, Hikaru Utada and Namie Amuro. Your drawing style is awesome (I like to do some drawing of my favorite j-pop singers too ^^) But mine don’t come any closer than yours! Really beautiful! Congratulations! Nice hugs from Brazil!

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