I’ll Be Hiatus : Mode On Because of Exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


visitor…^^ I’m so sorry to say this. The exam is getting closer, I need a lot of time to prepare .. so maybe I’ll be off for a few weeks. I saw that so many new release in KPop or maybe upcoming release and well it really makes me wanna update my blog and share with you. hehe.. Even my favorite boy Xiah Junsu have been announced his new solo stuff.  T_T I can’t help. Can’t wait to pass thi exam and get into my blog like usual.

I’ll miss you my visitor, thank you for your support and comment. Your comments are love. And for silent visitor that only keep on viewing my blog, please don’t stop, your viewing is really appreciated. XD.

I hope WordPress won’t delete my blog .. haha LOL!! Pleaaaasssseeeee..

I’ll back later.

C U next month ^^


.:Heny The-Gracefuladyjunsu:.