[MV] BEAST – Mystery (version 2)


Title: Mystery
Artist: BEAST
Album: The 1st mini album – Beast is The B2ST
File Type: rmvb
Quality: HQ
Size: 36.8 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10

I have nothing to say. They’re freaking funny. The video looks so amateur for a popular group like them. Their face stil look like they just woke up about a few minutes ago, no make up, no lighting effect, no brilliant dance, no enormous outfit and acne was revealed. XD. They totally different with how cool they usually look. Even I can’t distinguish them .. I only can notice which one Yo Seub, Hyeon Seung, Jun Hyung and Gi Kwang the most.

I don’t get the storyline as much, or maybe they didn’t pull such a sense storyline . It’s really nonsense seeing them act like crazy, so amateur, stiff, trying to look cool and what’s that BOLLYWOOD DANCE???????????? XDD that’s the funniest thing that I found in this MV. I really can’t notice who is him, Dong Woon? Do Joon? .. rrrrggghhh still learning their face. Yeah yeah.. Bollywood is so popular, even they put the pict of Taj Mahal there, I don’t know how it is in Korea while in many countries I think Bollywood is a massive hit.

KARA & SNSD also make an appearance there. XD They’re cute to dance Mystery.. haha. Yo Seub looks so freaking pretty, somewhat reminds me to KARA Seung Hyeon.. LOL Gi Kwang is still cool^^ and Hyeon Seung, he is such a korean face .. hahaha.. *joking*. Eventhough I played this MV about several times, I still can’t get what the storyline talk about and what the word “Mystery” meaning for in this MV? It’s still a mystery .. 😀

A/N: You can find a video converter HERE if the filetype doesn’t work on your player.

Credit: crhono@jenpoo.com

[Digital Single] Dumbfoundead feat. Jay Park (ex-member 2PM), Clara – Clouds

Title: Clouds
Artist: Dumbfoundead feat. Jay Park (ex-member 2PM), Clara
Release Date: 2010.04.23
Language: Korean
Total Size: 8 MB


1. Clouds (feat. Jay Park & Clara)

My Rating: 5/10

Jay didn’t sing??? just rapping ..???

But it’s a good news that he finally back to the KPop. The way it start is really contrast, the classic melody turned first then the rap start. I can’t get into it, the rap is cool I admit it. Then the girl start, the melody sound so familiar.  If you ever heard a song entitled “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe” from a western girl group, you’ll notice that the chorus when Clara sang is quite similar.

credit: kpoparchieve.blogspot.com