[MV] 2PM – Without U

Title: Without U
Artist: 2PM
Album: Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (single)
File Type: wmv
Quality: HQ
Size: 48.9  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

I still can’t get into the song so the 10/10 is a surprising rating from me. This is really a great MV. Dark and wet. Get soaked and HOT!! The part when  it shows a playing piano in the rain is really damn interesting. I love it. And the dance move is okay! XD Just like they say “I’ll be okay”.. well their finger gesture to say “okay” really reminds me to CSJH The Grace – Hanbeon Deok, Ok dance XP.

It’s really good to heard them come back with a good MV but I don’t say it’s a bad song. I just need merely times to replay it so it work on my ear. haha.. I love the piano intro, so emotionally in heartbreak. And guess what’s that Black Rain supposed to mean? It makes a sense a bit. Ommona……. I’m getting speechless about this MV. You should download it, and I reckon you to get prepare cuz it’s shaking your light heart… LOL.

credit: jenpoo.com

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