[Album] Oh! My Lady OST

Title: Oh! My Lady OST
Artist: Varioust Artist
Release date: 2010.04.16
Language: Korean
Total Size: 55.54 MB

01. 그대 인형 – Sunny (SNSD)
02. Love Is – Forman (4men)
03. 못났죠도시의 천사 – Jo Seong Wook
04. 도시의 천사 – DJ Angwajang
05. 꽃은 핀다 – Various Artists
06. 그대 인형 (Scat Ver.) – Sunny (SNSD)
07. 못났죠 (Guitar Ver.) – Various Artists
08. 슬픈 미소 – Various Artists
09. Love Is (Bossanova Ver.) – Various Artists
10. 도시의 천사 (Inst.) – Various Artists

.:Download full-album:.

My Rating: 6/10

The track 1 really can’t get into my mind. Sound so old pop track. Based on a drama, maybe it’s quite match. But it’s boring for an ordinary girl like me, though I also don’t like that girl’s voice. (–,). The track 2 sound better, really grow on my ear, besides it’s  men who sing it. Haha.. XD

credit: Mrs Jo Kwon@kaboomza.com

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