[MV] BoA – LAZER (live version)


Title: LAZER (live version)
Artist: BoA
File Type: avi
Quality: MQ
Size: 44 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

The quality isn’t the best, this is just a youtube quality. Can’t wait for the higher quality.

Taken from the performance of LAZER in her Identity Tour 2010, this is a live music video. I think the audio of this video is dubbed with the mp3 version, she didn’t sound live eventhough she sings it live. I also didn’t hear the audience chanted. But while I think it’s not the matter, japanese is not like Korean who like to chanted. Japanese is a bit silent and they enjoyed the performance with a neat attitude. ^^They don’t scream too much or yelling like the korean did. That’s why if I ripped an mp3 from a japanese performance video, it doesn’t sound noisy ,LOL.

But please make sure that this performance is not lipsynche, ok! Since I know BoA, I think she is not the type of singer who like to did lipsynche just because she need to dance. Even, she always did better than the CD quality when she sing live and dance.^^ She is truely a professional singer.^^She never sound breathless eventhough she dance like a bomb. XD

I love this song. I like the chorus and the beat. It’s really nice, and when the music broke and she dance with the back dancer in the red light, It’s surely my favourite part of this live video. She dance like a mannnnn…..!! whoaa.. my gentle unni!^^ *crazyfangirl*

What the…….!! That yellow short haircut is damn…… so handsome. XP. But I can’t stop to think that the yellow hair always reminds me to Jaejoong. …XP SO HOT!!

Credits: youtube + azn_denny@BoANOSS
Upload Credits: azn_denny@BoANOSS

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