[Mini Album] SECRET – SECRET Time


Title: SECRET Time
Artist: SECRET
Conductor: TS Entertainment
Release date: 2010.04.01
Language: Korean
Total Size: 45 MB


My Rating: 7.5/10

My Boy – this is a sweet song. The piano tune in the first flow well to the emotional melody.

Magic – The rap in the first is quite so-so. I think she need to add more ferocious sound to her rap^^. This song is very catchy. I don’t get what they say in the chorus. But then after I think for a while, they surely say “Magic” but they sound like “Mazic”….. what the….!!!!!

Spotlight – I thought it will be boring after the intro but the chorus got me addicted. ^^ I love it. They sound nice in that part. Bring me some kind of 4 Minutes a bit.

알아서 잘해요 I like the way it start. So relaxed and the beat is nice. But I don’t get the chorus. It’s not so special. Too boring.

I Want You Back (acoustic version) – I prefer the original version. This version is such retarded and slower. The rapper still bring a good rapping though the girls sing a bit slower.

3 Years 6 Month (acoustic version) – maybe people will feel that this is a nice song if they didn’t hear the original version. If you ever heard it, you can feel that this version ruined the touched sense of the song. I much prefer the original version.

credits: jenpoo.com

[Digital Single] SHINee – Fly High (OST Prosecutor Princess)

Title: Fly High
Artist: SHINee
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2010.04.01
Language: Korean
Total Size: 9.36 MB


1. Fly High

My Rating: 3/10

They released a drama sound track again. It just goes like Bodyguard or maybe Stand by Me. I don’t catch it as much. It’s totally pop and so pop. Really contrast with their gentle track like Noona You’re So Pretty, AhMigo or Love Like Oxygen. I’m sos orry. Feel disappointed…T_T