Title: 3rd Single – BANG!
Artist: After School
Conductor: Pledis Entertainment
Release date: 2010.03.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 27 MB


1. Let’s Do It
2. BANG!
3. With U
4. BANG! (instrumental)

My Rating: 10/10

Great single!!!!! They didn’t fail the previous single.^^ This is still a wonderful single, just like before. OMG! No wonder that they should be success…

They gain their number slowly, right? Start from 5 then 6? 7? and now…… 8! Geezzz… weird agency. Why that agency didn’t just make a new group again? Rather than submitted them slowly into their hit girlgroup. Well, I don’t understand.. they called it’s a new student! Yeah a new student for after school. Make sure that you didn’t skip the class, guys. LOL

Track 1 Let’s Do It – this is match to their drumline concept. I think maybe it’s just an intro, not grab so long duration. I like this track, such a wonderful marching band track. I think that’s Beka or Gahee who randomly get along with it.

Track 2 BANG! – this is what so called perfection? The male rap in the first is so yummy XD. They bring the drumline concept in an attractive way. If you would listen to the less vocal (instrumental) track, you can hear clearly there is  a cool drum get along with it. Since they gain their number, I feel they sound a bit girly. The girls sound very catchy, girly and sweet chanting sound like KARA or SNSD a bit. I love it, like that words “T-R-Y, do it now, can you follow me, yes, uh-uh, T-R-Y, pick it up, you’ll never catch me, oh no” I think perhaps it goes like that. Ommonie!!! Totally got addicted to this song. But… Gahee and Bekah should make the rap a bit longer..T_T I really love these female rappers. ^^

Track 3 With U –  With U? It’s just a classic title, can they find another title? Hey! This world consist of so many words, just take it as a granted from the world and do well in order to make such a non-boring title. *error statements* Whatever with the title!! Let’s begin now! it begin with the piano tune^^. Yes, the beautiful smooth vocalists dominated it. It would make a boring impression in the first, but don’t worry. Please follow it until end, you’ll cry or get sobbed. T_T

Credtis: Cloud_Honey@Boajjang