[Single] Tohoshinki – Toki Wo Tomete

Title: The 30th Single – Toki Wo Tomete
Artist: Tohoshinki
Release date: 2010.03.24
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 56.32 MB


1. Toki Wo Tomete
2. CHECKMATE [feat. U-know Yunho]
3. Toki wo Tomete (Never End Remix)
4. Toki Wo Tomete [Less Vocal]
5. CHECKMATE [Less Vocal]

My Rating: 10/10

OMMONA!!! I am really fond to this single. Just like how they did to their T.R.I.C.K promotion before, they release this kind of single again featured a solo song from Yunho after the previous single featured Junsu’s solo song.

*^^* CHECKMATE [feat. Yunho] – It’s HIP HOP!! this is the solo song from Yunho. OMG, he is totally different. The beat is really catchy and addicted. Yunho knows how to bring his bass voice in a good way, yeah that falsetto really unique.  Especially in that part of the line “Stand by Meeeee…..” . Such a tremble falsetto. XD And excellent rap. SO FRESH!! That “Hey Girl, Kiss To Me, KISS” is kinda forcing. Haha… If a guy like YUnho would force me like that, I am surely I will… XD

Oh Man, I love everytime the guy said “Lady”. He is just my type in this song. I love his way to addressing the girl as “Lady”. He sounds very sexy!!!!!!! That “woooow” in the end sound like MICHAEL JACKSON.. !!OH GOD!!! I’m carzy over this song. Totally love this version over the korean version.

*^^* Toki Wo Tomete – it’s a warm song with full of ballad and beautiful melody. Yunho’s part sound like his part in Forever Love. ^^They all sound retardedly slow and showing so many powerful high notes. Proud of Jaejoong and Junsu. ^^ Junsu sound like an expert and what-so-called like a master from Jaejoong’s last high note in the end. He is amazing. It’s quite repetitive  a bit after a while. The chorus is addicted but yeah.. I think they shouldn’t repeat it in a plenty times.

*^^*Toki WoTomete (Never End Remix) – Aww.. I really love this version.  It’s okay with the super long duration. It’s a good song for you who love the slow-oldies melody or maybe great ballad as the major. It sound a bit old in the beat, just like a song in 80-90s.  The clock’s sound in the first is pretty match to the title to Stop The Time. There is nothing different in their voice. they sill sound well as always, maybe they have been sounded very well ever since they were born XD.

credits: jenpoo.com

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