[PV] Tohoshinki – Toki Wo Tomete (Stop The Time)


Title: Toki Wo Tomete (Stop The Time)
Artist: Tohoshinki
Album: The 30th single Toki Wo Tomete
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 73 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

Nice to see they filmed it together. Jaejoong would appear first with his shine golden hair. Yunho just looks like he was in the Forever Love MV. His haircut maybe makes him look like that. So nice and it seems like he back on that time.^^Junsu just keep in how he always look, I still love him.^^Changmin also didn’t change as much, but I do want to see his haircut like his appearance in Paradise Meadow. ^^ He looked so young and handsome there. The one that catch my impression the most is YOOCHUN oppa^^.. ommona, he is very good looking here. I like the way his hair like that and when he got a close up about a half or his body, Man… this guy is so interesting. So sexy.^^ I hope he would keep in like this way for a while. *since like he is the one that like to change his fashion too soon and too often*

I don’t catch the storyline as much. I just saw a lady-in-high-heel turned. She looks a bit older than the boys. And I also feel the night sky, just like their background. The star and space. Maybe they considered it as the way to Stop The Time..haha It’s only my stupid random thought. XD. I only saw that the lady-in-high-heel was like reminiscing her lover. Like when she hang around, taking the picture and when he gave her a ring. Aww.. it’s so warm story. She is melted in that story right when she closed her eyes and she felt her lover was right beside her, but he dissapear in the end. The MV didn’t show who’s her lover, the camera just shooted him in the back or even shooted the girl from his angle, so he didn’t show his face as much.

Overall,….. ehh, hey… I feel that I have a good point of review today. Haha.. yeah because sometimes I feel that my review is so messy and not structural. XD hehe.. please!!

OVERALL, I enjoy this warm MV, just like back in the time of Forever Love. I do feel the same like I watch that MV about 2 years ago. So soft and lovely, cassiopeia would love this.

Credits: Baidu + kokayz.livejournail.com
Upload Credit: kokayz.livejournal.com

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