[MV] Park Bom – You and I


Title: You and I
Artist: Park Bom
Album: You and I [digital single]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size: 64 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

I’m so sorry for the late to post this MV. Trying dig some old stuffs maybe XD..

I know that I am late to realized that it is really a gooooooooooooood song!!!! >.<!! I love Bommie as always. She sound really nice, and what so called vibration and pitch. I always love her voice within.

I satisfied with this MV. I tried hard to understand first and what the h*** that she didn’t mimed the song, but no matter, there is still the Part 2 that supposed to show her miming version^^.

Bommie looks so pretty in the wedding dress and the boy.. he looks so young than Bommie.. LOL.. Got a familliar face. Who is he? I think I ever saw him in other MV before.

The story is so touched. Generally, I always see the story about a sick girl that close to die with a good boy that love her. But it’s the opposite. It start from the silent wedding ceremony, how cute^^ they have a chu~.. and the little girl is so cute. Then the song begin with the scene of riding the jerk motobike *how should I call that kind of embarrassing motorbike?*.. They also ride it into the moon…XD haha, YG always bring a surprising fantasy in their MV indeed.

I don’t know  where’d it start but it just suddenly show that the boy has been sat on the wheelchair. He has a weird blue-into-green room. Bommie likes to visit him, she always acting so cute. Please, look at how weird they play the videogame. They are so crazy  like A Cyborg but that’s ok! (Rain’s movie title) hahaha.. I am just kidding. Well, the happiness is not an eternal happiness, it was filled with frustated and tears too. The tears really rolled down on my face when I saw the scene when Bommie bring the boy out in the night, it’s winter and Bommie show him a christmas tree in the screen. He start cry and I start cry. T_T it’s so romantic. I don’t know how it end, the last scene just show Bommie in the wide meadow. She hold her red book that the boy drew her face there. It’s so lovely, maybe I need to watch the Part 2 to know the next story.

Credits: jenpoo.com

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