[MV] Big Bang – Lollipop [part 2]


Title: Lollipop [part 2]
Artist: Big Bang
Album: Lollipop [part 2] [digital single]
File Type: wmv
Quality: HQ
Size: 26 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Can’t find the more HQ link T_T.

Totally I just laugh of this MV. Before they released this MV, I thought that they won’t make an MV of this song and if they would make it, it would be an absolute sensual Music Video… but this one.. wkwkwkwk who dare to call it’s dirty? It’s freaking crazy, simple and stupid dance XD. I have no reason to not like this MV, eventhough it’s not just like my style. I thought Big Bang like to create an MV with a good storyline in every their korean MV and that’s just why I reallly enjoy their korean MV, but in this circumstance, I found that this is such a commerial MV for LG Lollipop.

They look so embarrassing with their facial expression while holding the Lollipop.XD TOP, GD and Daesung make so many cheesy expression. Ahhaha.. what’s that GD’s gesture kiss to the camera?? Love it so much. And after he finished his second rap, it turned to the chorus… Just look at GD’s expression while he mimed “Girl….” XD!! Got a super LOL. Then Daesung.. he is just like a mad man. XD Why should Daesung to take this kind of dorky face? Seungri and Taeyang didn’t make some embarrassing moment like TOP, GD and Daesung did. Taeyang has a solo dance shoot in his line, he looks cool^^, but I can’t see it show his dancing skill as much.

For the minus of this MV is just…, finally, I couldn’t tell it, but..this is just a commercial Lollipop promotion so they should have the colorful outfit just like a lollipop. I can’t deny it. But can I say that it’s kinda boring to see them in that style day by day… Maybe GD has transformed into so many style before, yeah he is so stylist. And ..errgh… Taeyang, what should be so good to use that onion haircut year by year…?! XD I like Taeyang the most, and I do think that he need to use more hair on his head. Hahaha… because I always feel that his hair never growing so much, just keep in that tiny short hair?? XD

Anyway, who’s that girl??? I think they make a special sense to not revealing the girl’s face. Yeah.. she is Big Bang’s secret lollipop..hahaha XD

credits: Xiahpop + kenhnghenhac.net