[MV] T-ara – I’m Really Hurt


Title: I’m Really Hurt
Artist: T-ara
Album: BRAKING HEART [repackaged album]
File Type: wmv
Quality: HQ
part 1: 25.99 MB
part 2: 24.61 MB
part 3: 25.34 MB

Download: Mediafire [Part 1] Part 2] [Part 3]

My Rating:
part 1 : 8/10
part 2: -1/10
part 3: -1/10

What would be good to release such a plenty of parts without a profit to watch??! What a weird promotion tactic. The part 2 and 3 are too boring with just their faces appeared while get close up one by one in the same way. Seems like it’s just the way of a making film version but in the neat version…!

I like the concept of being a gentle girl… The white outfit really reminds me to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.. hahahaha. It can’t compare here. T-ara still look so pretty. I think the one who really captured a cool guy performance is Eunjeong… XD She looks hot and so manly.. that’s why I took her caption a lot. hahahhaha. . Anyway, I saw there is Jessica here..XD *laugh again*… I mean Hyomin. She resemble to Jessica a lot. I also hear she sound like Jessica here. And she got so overact in her part.

I like the way they shook their tie while saying like “it hurt”… XDD, hope that tie won’t hurt their neck..LOL I can love this MV, without the annoying part2 and part3 and not mention the song. I just can’t love the song. It’s so ..what do I say it. Repetitive and stupid in the beat. Mian.. I am not an anti but I just talk about my mind.

They didn’t show the dance step so much here..I just saw they dance in the chorus only. I think their dance step is not a huge wonderful dance step yeah like they always did…hehehe.*mianhae for being so straightforward*

credits: xiahpop + kenhnghenhac.net

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