[MV] TRAX – Let You Go

does it make your tears rolled down on your face?? TT_TT

Jungmo resemble to Key, while Jay looks like Siwon…XD

Title: Let You Go
Artist: TRAX
Starring: Victoria Song (from F(X)) and Heechul (from Super Junior)
Album: Let You Go
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size: 60.3 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

OMMONA… I can’t believe that I’m so stupid to let this MV got late in my blog. I’m already addicted to the song and watch the MV is such a need everyday. A nice MV to reminisce my heartbreaker..

The storyline is flowing about a broken up couple, the girl and the boy got a heartache during the separation time.. They have meal, listening to the music and reminiscing the memories  in the same time with the different place, it got me crazy after Victoria did her crying ability in the chorus…It build so many emotions and I can feel my body trembled  weakly…

I really love Victoria’s acting here, I adour her.. Heechul did a good work too, eventhough some of my friends said that he is not match to this MV..^^ and I agree to it..XD I do want to see Siwon in here more than Heechul…XP

credits: Regina_1 ; http://regina-1.exteen.com

One thought on “[MV] TRAX – Let You Go

  1. Blablablabla says:

    But, I think Chullie has a good acting. Because he act like coldheartedman..
    But, agree with your word > I like victoria acting here.
    Me too^^

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