[Mini Album] TRAX – 1st Mini Album

Title: 1st Mini Album
Artist: TRAX
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2010.01.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 49.1 MB

01. 가슴이 차가운 남자(Let You Go)
02. One Night (OT:When I’m With You)
03. 송인(Goodbye Lover)
04. 아직은 나(I Can Change)
05. 치유(Healing) [feat. Key]
06. 끝나지 않은 이야기(Don’t Leave Me)

.:Download full-set:.

My rating: 7.5/10

I change my mind, formerly I planned to not released this mini album in my blog due to the busy scedhule…and the boring tracks that I can’t get it. Fortunately, my friend told me that I need to watch the MV of the song ‘Let You Go’, so I did it. Oh God…when I watch it. I can learn how the deep feeling of the song, heartbreak and farewell. It makes me wanna hear it again and again. I feel that Jay’s high note is dreaming and swaying in my brain. Gee…..the touched MV done to enjoy myself.

Overall, like I said before I’ve got bored a bit, when I read some review again and give a chance to the songs, I think again,”not too bad”. I adour Jungmo who compossed Let You Go and Healing! Plus a good contribution of Wheesung for the lyric of Healing and rap by Key from SHINee. Also thank for the Shin Min Chul of T-Max for the feature in the second track^^. I am very grateful and I appreaciate their work to bring such a brand new music with so many features. I just can’t let this band go to the disbanding bridge. From 4 to 3 to 2.., they have been tried so hard to keep on standing in this band. Proud of Jay and Jungmo. I do hope they would open a new audition for new members. Only 2 members are a bit lonely. They should find 1 more or even 3 new members.

–** I give 10/10 for the song Let You Go, plus standing ovation for member Jungmo who compossed and arranged it. You’re rock, dude!!!..I’ve done to reminisce my heartbreaker with this song.

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