[MV] TRAX – Let You Go

does it make your tears rolled down on your face?? TT_TT

Jungmo resemble to Key, while Jay looks like Siwon…XD

Title: Let You Go
Artist: TRAX
Starring: Victoria Song (from F(X)) and Heechul (from Super Junior)
Album: Let You Go
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size: 60.3 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

OMMONA… I can’t believe that I’m so stupid to let this MV got late in my blog. I’m already addicted to the song and watch the MV is such a need everyday. A nice MV to reminisce my heartbreaker..

The storyline is flowing about a broken up couple, the girl and the boy got a heartache during the separation time.. They have meal, listening to the music and reminiscing the memories  in the same time with the different place, it got me crazy after Victoria did her crying ability in the chorus…It build so many emotions and I can feel my body trembled  weakly…

I really love Victoria’s acting here, I adour her.. Heechul did a good work too, eventhough some of my friends said that he is not match to this MV..^^ and I agree to it..XD I do want to see Siwon in here more than Heechul…XP

credits: Regina_1 ; http://regina-1.exteen.com

[Mini Album] TRAX – 1st Mini Album

Title: 1st Mini Album
Artist: TRAX
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2010.01.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 49.1 MB

01. 가슴이 차가운 남자(Let You Go)
02. One Night (OT:When I’m With You)
03. 송인(Goodbye Lover)
04. 아직은 나(I Can Change)
05. 치유(Healing) [feat. Key]
06. 끝나지 않은 이야기(Don’t Leave Me)

.:Download full-set:.

My rating: 7.5/10

I change my mind, formerly I planned to not released this mini album in my blog due to the busy scedhule…and the boring tracks that I can’t get it. Fortunately, my friend told me that I need to watch the MV of the song ‘Let You Go’, so I did it. Oh God…when I watch it. I can learn how the deep feeling of the song, heartbreak and farewell. It makes me wanna hear it again and again. I feel that Jay’s high note is dreaming and swaying in my brain. Gee…..the touched MV done to enjoy myself.

Overall, like I said before I’ve got bored a bit, when I read some review again and give a chance to the songs, I think again,”not too bad”. I adour Jungmo who compossed Let You Go and Healing! Plus a good contribution of Wheesung for the lyric of Healing and rap by Key from SHINee. Also thank for the Shin Min Chul of T-Max for the feature in the second track^^. I am very grateful and I appreaciate their work to bring such a brand new music with so many features. I just can’t let this band go to the disbanding bridge. From 4 to 3 to 2.., they have been tried so hard to keep on standing in this band. Proud of Jay and Jungmo. I do hope they would open a new audition for new members. Only 2 members are a bit lonely. They should find 1 more or even 3 new members.

–** I give 10/10 for the song Let You Go, plus standing ovation for member Jungmo who compossed and arranged it. You’re rock, dude!!!..I’ve done to reminisce my heartbreaker with this song.

[MV] 2NE1 – Try To Copy Me



Title: Try To Copy Me
Artist: 2NE1
Album: Try To Copy Me [digital single]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size: 40.4  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

People think it’s weird that YG start a different promotion type for their bling bling group, Bing Bang and 2NE1. I think they have released their song about a few weeks ago and the MV is just released recently and Big Bang released their Lollipop 2 yesterday. Mm.,…is there something different behind this tactic. Seems like YG try a western promotion style in the Korea. Well….let’s see. What’s the suprised thing that they’ll bring behind this.

Let’s talk about this MV. It start with CL who wear a black-spot-printed outfit, thick lipstick and hat, then turned into her annoying fashion style too. She looks so boyish but in the other side is still sexy. It’s a good visualisation to enter the song until the real fancy MV begin. They change a lot of outfit, I think there are 4 outfit for this one. My favourite outfit would be the large t-shirt in the last part.^^they resemble to Big Bang then.

In addition, I found the girls gain their weight. CL, Minzy and Bom looked a bit fat than before. Talk about Bom, she has a nice haircut, so sassy and not so feminine like she always look like. Well..Minzy is still in her curent short hair and Dara… Oh God. The first style make me going irritated to her hair. What the hell with the bump rolled-bang. Dara just always make me shock with her hairstyle.

Through all the minute I spend my rest with this MV, I am kinda falling for the dance step, especially the chorus…wkwkw.. Minzy show the trembling leg-dance in a clear way. The effect of the MV is just the same like the previous MV, to say the truth I don’t like this kind of interior setting… Too so-so and I’ve been bored with the messy animated-space. Seems like YG always bring that kind of video style in their artist. They also added some fantasy and animation with cyber or whatever we can call it. Get annong to the thing with the cyber.

credits: theygsecret21’s youtube page + sky019@Boajjang