[MV] D-NA – Admiring Boy


Title: Admiring Boy
Artist: D-NA (Dae Guk Nam Ah)
Album: The 1st single
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 61.5 MB
Download: Mediafire
My Rating: -1/10

They’re promoted as 2nd TVXQ, then their debut song reminds us with TVXQ’s debut song “Hug”, then their MV look like TVXQ’s Midoyo in the scene of playing piano and have the meal in the morning, then it turned like TVXQ’s Hug with the writing letter scene, and the dance in the last acapella part is really similar like TVXQ’s Hug….So what’s more??????????Do I Sound like an anti??? But Why’d I keep on posting their stuff?? XD *get smashed* ..I hope no. I just can’t blame these innocence boys with the promotion strategy of their agency. *promotion tactic trap*

There is also 2PM Junsu’s cousin there. Just search for the boy who look like 2PM Junsu..that’s Mika! 2PM Junsu’s cousin..XD.. Eventhough they’re just a cousin, they look so similar like a sibling! I captured him in the scene of singing.. look at the second caption. That’s MIKA!!

[MV] 2PM – Tired of Waiting (OST Jeon Woo Chi The Taoist Wizard)


Title: Tired of Waiting (OST Jeon Woo Chi The Taoist Wizard)
Artist: 2PM
Album: 1:59
File Type: wmv
Quality: MQ
Size: 15.39 MB
Download: Mediafire
My Rating: 9.5/10

There is no 2PM in the MV, the only song of them played along the scenes. It makes me want to watch that movie…hehe..! I catch the storyline is kinda comedy with the saeguk character in the modern world. It tells about the chosun dynasty first and then through the modern world. I think the boy who was in the chosun era was dump into the future in modern world (I get it like that from my mind XD). I found Lim Soo Jeong was also starring it, she looks adourable….and there is some embarrassing scenes with the boy. Hahaha.. the main boy is freaking funny.

credit: Dangerous Mind

[Pict] T-ara – VOGUE Magazine (March 2010)


so sexy and beautiful…. I like Eunjung. She looks so natural and gorgeous. Hyomin dressed the most special I think, and it looks so pretty. She looks good like how people always say that she is beautiful, she is pretty and na na na …XD.. To say the truth she reminds me to Jung Si Ah in that pict and I don’t find myself love her beauty cause she just dressed well, not so natural from my eyes….^___^ I’m just saying what’s on my mind. Peace^^

[MV] Epik High – Run

Title: Run
Artist: Epik High
Album: Epilouge [mini album]
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 57.7 MB
Download: Mediafire
My Rating: 9/10
Eventhoug they just have 2 members left here, I would give them the best rating that I got. The music and the MV grow well until the end. Epik High sing it with a band and Tablo looks so ferocious.hahaha. He is cool, espesially in the silhouette scene while he walk slowly. God..he is cool. The storyline would tell us about the power, faith and run until you hit the wall XD. It’ talked about a boy with a half leg that supposed to achieved his dream as an athlete.  The boy looks so handsome on my eyes and that’s my center..wkwkw XD. Familiar face, ne?
Seems like Epik High always bring a pretty good story in every their MV, they rarely gt focused on their own scene. Look at this MV, they just have one setting, one outfit,but they have a music video style…with a touched storyline. Standing ovation for them who bringing such an enjoyable MV, withouta boring scene or close up that I always see XDD.

credits: Xiahpop